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Square Enix Stuffed Toys

Square Enix has been a very popular company; and they are mostly known for the video games that they make such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc. It is inevitable that they decided to officially make plush dolls or stuffed toys based on some of the characters from the games especially those that often recur. From what I know, though, is that they themselves are the only ones licensed to create these products. Be careful of bootlegs as they may often be cheap but are often subpar.

It is not a surprise that they decided to create different variations of the Chocobo, seeing how cute, cuddly, and popular it is. For gamers, I am sure the designs are reminiscent of some games like Chocobo’s Dungeon. Some of the variations that we currently have are as follows:
1. Chocobo holding a book (plush)
2. Chocobo with a white mage outfit (plush)
3. Chocobo with a black mage outfit (plush)
4. Chocobo holding a 25th anniversary cake (plush)
5. Chocobo’s head (cushion or pillow)

Of course, if there is a Chocobo, there is also a Moogle. Unlike the chocobos, moogles differ more in their roles in every game. Still, they are also a recurring race. Unfortunately, we currently only have one:
1. Moogle’s head (cushion or pillow)

Certainly they didn’t stop with those. They also made the iconic enemies. They made Cactuar, Tonberry, Shadow Heartless, and Dusk. We only have two of those:
1. Tonberry with its usual brown cloak with hood, knife, and lantern (plush)
2. Shadow Heartless (plush)

The plush dolls are very much adorable with their size and the characters they represent, and the cushions are cute and great as a pillow. Square Enix has done a great job in solidifying the popularity of these characters by having them recur in their respective series. You can be sure that it will take a while before they lose their charm.

For a gamer, collector, or simply someone who loves cute things, these are definitely a must.