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December 2013 Promos!

The Christmas season is definitely not complete without gifts and discounts. As such, for the whole of December 2013, we are offering the following promos:

1. Coupon code: LESS-100
Each product, with the exception of manga, will be subjected to P100 less.

2. Coupon code: BUY-MORE-SAVE-MORE
You get 10% off for every order with a total of P4000 and above. You can save up to P400 or more. The more you buy, the more you save! Also, this applies to all the products.

How to use the coupons? Just follow these steps:
1. Go to our website.
2. “Add to Cart” the items you wish to order.
3. Proceed to “Checkout” and fill up the address portion or sign in if you already have an account.
4. Shipping is FREE as usual anywhere in the Philippines.
5. Finally, at the payment section, input the corresponding coupon code.

Scarletia Enterprise Anime and Manga Coupon Section

Some tips:
If you are looking to save more money, the “BUY-MORE-SAVE-MORE” promo is certainly better than “LESS-100” most especially if you are looking to buy manga as well. Here is a sample difference of the two:

Coupon Code at Scarletia Enterprise for Anime Discount in the Philippines

Coupon Code at Scarletia Enterprise for Anime and Manga Discount in the Philippines

As you can see, in this example, for 3 collectible Chocobo plush dolls, with “LESS-100,” you only get to save P300; but with “BUY-MORE-SAVE-MORE,” you get to save up to P450!

1. The coupons work individually. They cannot be combined.
2. We have limited stock. We follow a “first come, first serve” basis.